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Real estate video production Allow users to project themselves
in the well being that you let them visit.

We provide image capture and video services for real estate. Why use the video? First, since the video is the most popular medium by internet users today. Video is a powerful medium, dynamic and easily shareable thanks to the current multiplatform compatibility. The photography is still much used, but changing habits and constant increase in the speed of Internet connections increases the efficiency of video on the web. So if you want to improve the impact and visibility of your real estate communications, you should use video!
PS. Note that a user who is looking on the internet is two times more likely to click on a video link. Real estate is one area where the feelings are of crucial importance, people need to feel well-being in which you invite.
Of course, it is not worth a visit in person, however, the video can be a very good selection and you then avoids time losses and completely fruitless visits.

Our achievements

Watch a real estate sample video.

real estate by Productions Jonathan B.Beland
Video is the most effective media to allow users to look to the well-being as you make them visit.

Prices We have abordable prices!

Real estate video

    Starting at 199$ + taxes
  • Included :
  • Professional video capture
  • Post production and treatment
  • Hi-definition format shareable on the web